Call for proposals (deadline: October 8th)

It’s that time again – session proposals for the SAA 79th annual meeting are due October 8th, and we want to hear your ideas!
Cleveland 2015 will continue the current trend of shorter, less formal, and more interactive sessions. While there will not be a specific theme for the meeting or section endorsements, the A&A Steering Committees is here to bring the membership together and help brainstorm, develop, and propose sessions.

We’ve started a document  compiling a few ideas. Please add your name (or comment/email us) if you are interested in chairing, speaking, or just helping put together a proposal! If you’ve heard about a great session idea that another section, roundtable, or individual is working related to donor relations, acquisitions, or appraisal – please pass it on! We want to collaborate as much as possible with efforts underway by other affinity groups and the general SAA membership.

Questions? Not sure what’s involved in proposing a session?

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