Valuable Inquiry #2

Social media is on many of our minds these days. As archivists search for and develop methods and tools that will help us document evidence of ideas, activities, and relationships between people in the digital realm, we are also confronted by the challenge of what to collect; which tweets, blogs, Facebook pages should we preserve, and what aspects of these resources should we capture?

Like analog materials, appraisal decisions of social media will vary in different contexts and environments. Yet the tools we decide to use as we collect digital content informs our appraisal decisions as much as those to acquire specific content and genres of materials. Should we just use tools like ContextMiner and TAGS to help us gather content and metadata? Or is it more important to preserve the original appearance and functionality of someone’s Twitter feed, blog, or Facebook page?

Tell us what you think! How are you appraising and collecting social media?

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