Highlights & Accomplishments in 2020

For the next six weeks we will highlight your ongoing work and accomplishments as a way to celebrate section members.

Magazines, Newsletters, and Periodicals: Deal With It

The Special Collections of the Pueblo City-County Library District (PCCLD) has a very large periodicals collection. The collection ranges from local newspapers and newsletters, to national professional journals focusing on the American Southwest. In preparation for a major renovation in 2021, I created an inventory, reorganized, and weeded the collection. The materials are not currently cataloged, but the goal is to create a finding aid in ArchivesSpace. 

The collection takes up several ranges and is sorted between oversized, magazines and periodicals. In addition to weeding, we’ve been working on consolidating space to make more room for processed collections. While processing, Special Collections received a donation of 11 boxes of original runs of “The Colorado Tribune” which helped to fill in gaps in the collection. Some of the gems that we uncovered include newsletters from the Colorado Library Association dating back to the 1920s, and Pueblo television guides from the 1950s, when air time lasted from 3 to 10pm. As of this writing, the collection has over 400 titles, and over 22,000 individual issues. – Cecily North, MALS, Librarian Archivist

I Hope You Like Tick Tocks

A privilege of our work is learning about people, places, things, and events in the service of appraisal and description that we would never encounter otherwise. The PCCLD Special Collections focuses on collecting manuscripts and paper materials documenting the history and culture of Pueblo County and Southeastern Colorado. Storage space limits us when it comes to artifacts, especially large objects of interest, but we make exceptions.

Today I welcomed an exceptional object into our holdings; a grandfather clock by Walter Bear (1903-1994). Built entirely out of Ponderosa Pine sourced from Trinidad, Colorado (except for a tempered plexiglass face, metal weights, and a couple of screws), Bear crafted the wooden gears from a jeweler’s lathe fitted with Model T bearings. The John Deere dealer turned clockmaker produced Middle Ages style clocks out of his workshop in Las Animas, Colorado through the 1960s and 70s.

We couldn’t have done it without facilities staff who assisted in the move and setup. The clock runs! We placed it prominently in our reading room for the public to enjoy. Helen Reichert of Pueblo, Colorado donated the timepiece on behalf of herself and dearly departed husband, Edward.  – Aaron Ramirez, MLIS, CA, Manager of Special Collections & Museum Services

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