Highlights & Accomplishments in 2020 Part 3

My name is Sarah Woods and I am the curator and archivist with El Pomar Foundation in Colorado Springs, Colorado. At El Pomar, our Foundation archives are not open to the public. They are accessible only through an approved research request. With a lack of people inhabiting our archival spaces, I had the opportunity to spend time alone in our archives this year working to process items we accessioned at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. I am the sole archivist at El Pomar, so I manage every part of the archival process. I am also the Foundation’s curator, so I have work outside of our archives as well.

Having the opportunity to process items that had been waiting for several months was wonderful, as it allowed to me balance my remote work from home with tangible work in our archives. I am someone who finds great satisfaction in crossing items off my to-do list, so having these small accomplishments that I could cross off my list provided bright moments within this challenging year.

I also accepted a donation from California of items related to the history of The Broadmoor hotel. Once the donation was received in the mail, I let the items sit in their box unopened for two weeks prior to opening the package and accessioning the donation. I had begun conversations with this donor at the beginning of 2020 and we put everything on hold when the pandemic first broke out. The donor and I felt comfortable moving forward with the donation a few months ago. Donor relations are always important, but making a donor feel seen and appreciated at a time when everyone is doing their best to adapt and move forward carried extra significance for both of us.

While most of my time during the shutdown was spent working on big-picture projects, like revisiting our collections management policy, tangible tasks like these were a real triumph, no matter how small or large their scope.

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