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The Accessioning, Acquisitions & Appraisal Section continues to seek guest submissions for blog content to post on Assigning Value. Past guest submissions have been posted under our “Repository Updates” theme, though we welcome perspectives that differ from a traditional repository setting, nor do articles have to be solely collections-based. We encourage posts on workflows and documentation, case studies, tool shares, and interviews. The overarching topic for blog articles should relate to our Section focus: acquisition & appraisal – and we understand that the breadth of these issues is wide-ranging!

Articles could discuss but are not limited to: experiences tackling new acquisitions, appraisal and reappraisal, retrospective accessioning, deaccessioning, building donor relations, digital accessioning, developing inclusive collecting,  or privacy and confidentiality issues.

Length: We’re flexible! Shorter guest posts have been 250-500 words OR longer articles at 500-1,000 words.

Images: Authors are encouraged to include photographs along with their written piece (that are suitable to publish online) such as of yourself, your workspace, records etc. Provide a short caption and the image source for each photograph.

Credit: Provide a title and organization (if applicable) for the author credit line.

Citations: Use Chicago style for citation endnotes. Please incorporate hyperlinks for online material.

Social media: The Section will share the blog article on our Twitter and Facebook accounts. If desired, please provide links to your own (or institutional) account handles to incorporate in our messaging.

Have an idea for an article? Contact for guidance. Team members from the Section’s Outreach Subcommittee can provide assistance with your article.