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Recap: Third Thursday with DocNow

Last week we hosted another Third Thursday chat on Twitter with Bergis Jules of DocNow to talk with us about A&A issues of social media.

Catch up on the chat with this Storify summary of the conversation!

Remember, we host Third Thursday chats every other month. Follow #appraisethis. Chat summaries are posted by the following week. Next up is June 15 – topic TBA so stay tuned!


DocNow Twitter Chat: Special Time 2 PT/ 5 ET

This month’s A&A Twitter chat is with  Bergis Jules, Community Lead for Documenting the Now. We’ll be talking about appraising social media content and the potential ethical considerations for collecting social media. You are invited to take part in the conversation, either by answering one our chat questions, sharing other thoughts, or posing your own question to the group.

Please note, this chat session has been moved to an earlier time than usual, starting at 2:00 pm Pacific/ 3:00 Mountain/ 4:00 Central/ 5:00 pm Eastern.

Over the hour, we’ll be asking:

  1. Based on the SAA glossary definition, how do you see traditional appraisal practices being used on social media content? #appraisethis
  2. How can our tools help us determine quality of social media content? What tool functionality would be useful to an archivist? #appraisethis
  3. How might the deed of gift (traditional practice) play a role in gaining consent to collect and keep social media content? #appraisethis
  4. How do we decide who owns digital content shared via social media? Is that important or should we just “take it all”? #appraisethis
  5. Is the social media record of an event enough to adequately document that event? Why or Why not? #appraisethis

(We are looking forward to this topic, and, depending on time, we have more questions at the ready!)

New to Twitter? New to our Third Thursdays? Check out an introduction to our chats here. This forum is an informal space so please tweet along with the conversations and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. We usually introduce ourselves at the start and even a “hello” is most welcome!

Join us on Thursday April 20th at 2 pm PT/ 5pm ET. Follow the hashtag #appraisethis and @AppraisalSAA

Recap: Third Thursday Chat on Appraisal & Records Management

Last week, we were graciously joined by members from the SAA Records Management Section to talk about the interactions between appraisal and records management practices. A summary of the chat session is now available on our Storify page.

This is our third installment of the A&A Third Thursdays on Twitter. Check out earlier chat summaries also via Storify and take note that our next chat is April 20th with Documenting the Now.

Hope to see you there!

Third Thursday Chat: Records Management

The next Third Thursday chat on Twitter is fast approaching!

Join the A&A Section along with members of the SAA Records Management Section on Thursday, February 16th to discuss the relationships between records management and that of appraisal and acquisition practices.

We’ll be asking questions such as:

  • Who is responsible for records management (RM) at your institution? Is RM part of the archives? If not, where is it?
  • How do you appraise records as part of your RM responsibilities?
  • What kinds of obstacles do you face when bringing RM contexts to your appraisal work? How have you overcome them?
  • What is one important appraisal concern that RMs think should be discussed more?
  • What advice would you give to an archivist looking to set up (or coordinate) with a records management program? What do you wish you’d known/want to know more about?
  • Where do you turn for news and information relevant to RMs and appraisal?

Twitter chat runs for an hour at 4:00 PM Pacific/ 5:00 Mountain/ 6:00 Central/ 7:00 Eastern.

Follow @Appraisalsaa and use the hashtag #appraisethis to see the conversation.

We look forward to chatting with you!

3rd Thursday Chat This Month!

We are hosting another Twitter chat on (the Third) Thursday February 16th. This conversation will be joined by members of the SAA Records Management Section and focuses on, you guessed it, acquisition & appraisal within the realm of records management. Questions posed during the chat will be posted about a week in advance. Otherwise, we look forward to tweeting with everyone on the 16th! Chat begins at 4:00 pm Pacific/ 7:00 pm Eastern and runs for an hour. Follow @AppraisalSAA and #appraisethis to join the conversation!

Third Thursday Chat on Appraising Research Data!

The Acquisitions & Appraisal Section’s next Third Thursday Twitter chat will take place December 15, 2016, 7:00-8:00 pm Eastern/4:00-5:00 pm Pacific. Join us for a conversation about appraising research data. We’ll be joined by Heidi Imker and Elise Dunham from the Research Data Service at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, who will share their perspectives on research data appraisal in the context of emerging data management practices. Questions we’ll be asking to get the conversation going include:

  • Are you responsible for appraising research data at your institution?
  • If not, how are you engaging in discussions about data appraisal at your institution?
  • What types of data are you working with and appraising?
  • What resources do you turn to when appraising data and would recommend?
  • Does your institution have retention schedules or guidelines for data?
  • How can archival practice inform the appraisal of data?

To join the conversation, follow @AppraisalSAA and use the hashtag #appraisethis.

Missed the last chat? See the recap here: https://appraisalsaa.wordpress.com/2016/10/26/recap-third-thursday-on-all-things-appraisal/

We hope you’ll join the conversation!

Third Thursday Chat on Twitter!

Join us on Thursday, October 20th for our very first Third Thursday conversation via Twitter chat! Our inaugural chat is an open theme on anything regarding appraisal and acquisition. Questions we’ll be asking to get the dialogue going include:

  • How does your institution define “appraisal”?
  • What appraisal frameworks influence how you appraise and collect?
  • How does institutional mission affect appraisal decisions?
  • What is the strangest thing you’ve appraised?
  • Where do you turn when you are unsure about an appraisal topic?

Follow along with the hashtag #appraisethis or at our twitter handle @AppraisalSAA. Chat begins at 7pm Eastern/6pm Central/5pm Mountain/4pm Pacific.

We’d love to hear from you!