Third Thursday Conversations


The Acquisitions & Appraisal Section began a project to host “Third Thursday Chats” as a means of dialogue to discuss different issues related to appraisal and acquisition. Started in 2016, Third Thursday Chats were held on (you guessed it) the third Thursday of a month and organized under a predetermined theme. Chats were first hosted from this blog, with  questions posted and members of the SAA and greater archival community welcome to post their own responses. By the fall, the Section opted to switch to Twitter for the Chats as a platform to carry out the conversation in using the hashtag #appraisethis. The Third Thursday Chats on Twitter were held four times a year and covered a range of topics including big data, faculty papers, and collecting social media. For those who were unable to tweet along during Chat, a recap of each chat was posted via Storify to provide a summary of the online discussion. When that service shut down, Chat recaps were saved as PDFs.

This fall, however, the Section decided to put regular Third Thursday Chats on hold due to lack of participation. Past Chats can still be found on this blog, use the “Third Thursdays” tag or see the round up of Chat recaps below. Feel free to get in touch with the Steering Committee with any feedback about our Chats and thank you to all those who contributed to these conversations.


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