Third Thursday Conversations


We’re delighted to announce that we are trying something new! In 2016, the Appraisal & Acquisitions Section started hosting regular conversations on social media about appraisal. On the third Thursday of each month, mark your calendar to join us for what we hope will be lively and informative discussions.

Starting in October 2016, we are shifting to Twitter as the venue for our regular chats. You can read about the details and change here:

Please help us make this an ongoing conversation that connects with your interests! 


Did you miss our previous conversations? You can search for the tag “ThirdThursdays” on the blog or click on the links below.

February 2016: What is your biggest appraisal challenge?


Wrap up:

March 2016:

  • Where do you learn about appraisal?
  • What is the most provocative, useful, or thoughtful comment that you have read (or heard) about appraisal from others?
  • What advice would you give to a new archivist who is interested in learning more about appraisal?


April 2016:

• How do you balance appraisal with donor expectations?
• What are some strategies you use to persuade and convince donors that the material they see as valuable may not be from an archival perspective?
• How do you manage political considerations (pressure from administrators, for example) that may impact appraisal decisions when working with donors?


May 2016:

  • What are the challenges you face appraising and working with donors of born-digital materials?
  • What software or tools help you appraise born-digital content?
  • What are the top two or three resources that you would recommend for others who want to start or continue learning about appraising born-digital materials?


Wrap up post with resources:

July 2016:

  • What do you see as new opportunities for appraisal?
  • How do you engage your users and colleagues in discussions about appraisal?
  • What do you think is the most pressing current appraisal issue?






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