My First Year on the A&A Section Steering Committee


By Jamie Seemiller

Denver Public Library, Western History and Genealogy Department

Last August, I was elected to serve as an At-Large Member for the Acquisition and Appraisal (A&A) Section for a two-year term. As the Acquisitions Archivist at the Denver Public Library Western History and Genealogy Department, I love to talk about acquisitions and was excited for the opportunity to connect with like-minded archivists. My professional development experience in the past includes Chairing PLASC and I’ve also served on SAA’s 2016 Atlanta Programming Committee, mentor program, and have presented on several conference panels. I have also served as the Archivist, Vice President, President, and Past President for the Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists (SRMA). So why did I decide to nominate myself for a leadership role on the Section? Firstly, I was honored to be asked by the former Nomination Committee Chair to consider the possibility. While I was flattered to be considered, I thought about what I could contribute to the Steering Committee and what I could learn from my fellow Committee members? After coming off a long stint as an officer for SRMA, I also had the time and ability to serve in an SAA committee again. Plus, I had the extra motivation to keep my Certified Archivist certification alive and well. So I decided to put my hat in the ring.

Once the election was over and I got elected (yes, it amazed me too), the Steering Committee arranged to have a meeting at the SAA Conference in Austin. While I was not able to attend the conference, the Steering Committee arranged to have a conference call so that I could participate. In the first meeting, we as a group discussed the year ahead and expectations for each position. I learned that the At-Large positions would be involved with the Nominating Committee and placed on a Sub-Committee (Outreach and Best Practices). The Outreach Subcommittee’s main areas of focus are maintaining the Section’s Blog Assigning Value, the A&A Listserv, and its social media accounts. While the Best Practices Subcommittee is focused on a project to document collection development policies. Suzanne Noruschat, who serves on the Subcommittee has described this project as:

“Collection development policies come in different shapes and sizes, and it is often helpful when crafting or revising policy to examine those created and used by others. In 2016, the Best Practices Subcommittee of the Acquisitions and Appraisal Section began collecting sample policies as a resource to share with the professional community. This list has grown, and with permission now secured to share these documents publicly, the subcommittee is making them available through the SAA Connect platform. The policies were culled from a variety of institutions, each responding to different collection focuses, institutional constraints, and user communities. They can either be browsed through the folder or through a list/search results view that allows for filtering. The section plans to add policies continuously. Please contact us at with any feedback or ideas for additional resources.”

I was assigned to the Outreach Committee with Katie Delacenserie. Katie and I had the freedom to create a plan for outreach that took into account our interests and available time. We decided to try to boost the engagement on the listserv and to solicit content for the Assigning Value blog. We have worked together to find authors for the blog, post content, and advertise the blogs through social media. We also developed a list of ideas to jump-start the listserv discussions (you can tell me honestly if it is working or not). All of this only takes about an hour a week.

The Steering Committee meets virtually every other month. As a group, we report what we are working on, deal with SAA section business matters, and plan the section meeting for the upcoming annual conference. Also taking an hour or so each time

This year, I am also serving on the Nomination Committee. So this is my chance to use whatever flattery to implore you to nominate yourself or a colleague to be a part of the Section! We need your talent, ideas, and energy to keep the section moving forward. We are seeking nominations for the Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect and 2 Steering Committee At-Large Members. If you are interested please check out the nomination call on the A&A microsite or email me at We are accepting nominations until May 25th.

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